We don’t sell wedding sets.
We design custom pieces that embrace your bond with each other.

When you visit the studio, you won’t be greeted by a polished and pushy counter attendant. You won’t see large stock photos of happy couples wearing the same ring as the one in the case before you. You won’t be shown particular settings based on your age, clothing, or car key fob.

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You will be greeted by Steven himself, or his wife Jan. They’ll ask how you met, where you grew up, and about your family. Because to design something so personal as a wedding band, you need to know the person. They’ll ask about your tastes, your budget, and what setting you dream of. And if you’re not sure what that perfect ring looks like, they’ll take the time to help you figure it out.

You’ll have your wedding set the rest of your life. It is a decision that takes time, and shouldn’t be rushed.

Denver Gold Diamond Ring

I needed help with my fiancé's engagement ring and was referred to Steven. He helped me create a one of a kind, Ethiopian style engagement ring which blew my fiancé away. Steven took his time to deliver a solid product and never tried to up-sell me. Wonderful service and excellent work! I'm glad I didn't go anywhere else. Thanks Steven!

– Matthew W.

Steven works directly with you to design the perfect piece within your budget. From initial sketches, the clay prototype, to completion of the setting, one on one you create that masterpiece.


If you’ve been to the chain stores, the luxury boutiques on billboards, and are still searching for trust and integrity
…search no more.

Schedule a visit, Steven and Jan look forward to meeting you.


My fiancé and I could not be happier with the wedding bands you helped us create! They will forever be unique to us and truly one of a kind. We had a wonderful experience and we would highly recommend Steven if you want to have meaningful and beautifully designed jewelry. He truly knows his business and is a diamond in the rough! 

– Jake & Reeve

Colorado Custom Wedding Bands & Engagement Rings

Whether it be a classic gold wedding band or a unique custom engagement ring, Steven Parks will help complete that special moment. Let us help you create the perfect symbol of your love with a classic diamond or a vintage sapphire, set in a band design you've already chosen or one that we can create together. 


We had a wonderful experience with Steven when working with him to create a special ring. We went in not knowing much about what we wanted and even less about metals and gems. Steven was extremely knowledgeable about all of these things and was happy to share pros and cons on an array of choices (silver, gold, palladium, platinum; ruby, sapphire, emerald, citron, garnet, etc. etc.) and was never pushy about anything. I learned so much in the process of working with him. 

I was very impressed with not only Steven's technical knowledge, but also his creative ability and amazing metal-working skills. Our final product is beautiful and exactly what we were looking for. If I ever have any jewelry needs in the future, I will be returning to Steven.

– Jessica S.