Heirloom pieces are something special. It’s more than the quality, the kinds of stones, the vintage setting… They hold memories.

They embody the adventures and personality of the previous caretaker, carrying a value beyond currency.

Unfortunately with time, jewelry can fade and dull from what once was colorful and bright, like a photograph. Stones may be lost, mountings broken, or the style or size just doesn’t fit.

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My mother-in-law had some old family rings that need repair and TLC. Because of their age and pricelessness, the mainstream jewelry stores wouldn't touch them.  I took them to Steven and he flawlessly fixed the rings and made them look new.

Their work speaks for itself, whenever we look to buy jewelry or need the expert craft of Steven, this is the place we go without hesitation.  They will certainly surpass your expectations.

– Matt C.

Something so precious deserves another life,
either in it’s current form or set anew. 


The original setting requires respect and care, so the memories may live on and new ones created.

Steven understands the importance of keeping these jewels of the past alive.

His tools and skills are those passed from one generation to the next–many of his tools are identical to the ones that created your vintage piece all those years ago. It is an artisanal craftsmanship that has been all but lost to franchises and luxury boutiques. 


Steven Parks is amazing! He rebuilt a setting for an emerald ring exactly like the 50 year old original, except even better!

I am so pleased that I am going to have him redesign a diamond wedding ring- can't say enough about his work!


– Jorgeann S.


To properly restore an heirloom piece, you need someone who is patient, skilled, and understanding in the “old ways” of design. Steven will preserve the integrity of the piece, returning it to it’s original glory and form, or updating it to a fresh creation.

If you have a special piece and are curious about it’s potential, come by for a visit. Steven loves to hear the history behind the heirloom.

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Often times our most precious memories reside in family heirlooms that have aged over the years. Whether you choose to restore your piece to it's original design or recreate it to your own unique piece, Steven handles each item with the utmost care and precision. Let us help you restore the beauty to your memories.